About BNI

Business Network International (or BNI for short) is a worldwide network for business referrals. It’s the world’s biggest, too.

Members of BNI meet every week in order to give each other the opportunity for new business by exchanging referrals by word of mouth.

Historically, this form of business generation gives excellent value for money in terms of advertising a business. Members of BNI networks report that the experience is similar to having salespeople marketing services and products every day.

BNI Chester

We are a chapter of BNI and are here to give our members an environment where they can grow, developing their businesses by swapping valuable business referrals. At BNI Chester, we have already helped members to refer business worth thousands.

How we maintain our high standards

Our members are committed to a stringent code of ethical practice and, throughout the BNI system, quality is both monitored and expected.

You can benefit from services BNI members offer. Why choose services you don’t know the background of and run the risk of regretting your choice later on? At BNI Chester, we give you the opportunity to benefit from companies which receive reliable testimonials from within the network of BNI members.

For a list of businesses and the services they offer, please read our ‘Members’ section.

By joining BNI Chester, you could make valuable business connections. Come along to one of our meetings and share in the benefits of the business generated.

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Where we meet:

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Warrington Rd

When we meet:

Every Thursday, from 6:45am to 8.30am

If you’d like to get in touch, here are our details:

Darren Jamieson - 07979 232 027

If you don’t want to phone, please use our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you.