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Chris Chan
p: 01244 794076
e: chris@bodyhq.co.uk

Unit 49, Evans Business Centre, Minerva Avenue, Chester, CH1 4Ql

BodyHQ is unique. It gives you all the good stuff you get from a personal trainer, like your own training programme and help and advice when you need it. You’ll find BodyHQ has the friendly vibes with the expertise and knowledge to help you towards your health and fitness journey. You don’t just come for a workout at BodyHQ – you come for practical education on how to change your lifestyle so you’ll be fit for life. Some might call it a complete personal training experience. We just call it the BodyHQ way of doing things. Our services are for every one of every age in every walk of life whether you’re just looking to get fit, take your fitness level up a notch or you’re a professional athlete looking to get into tip-top shape for a competition. Whatever you’re looking for, we offer a friendly atmosphere where you’ll feel like part of the BodyHQ community when you get fit. It’s just our way of doing things. Best regards, Chris

What Chris Chan says about BNI